Prevention of HIV

The Government of Botswana (GoB), in its 'VISION 2016' made a commitment to achieve the goal of 'Zero New Infections by 2016'. It is clear that this goal can only be achieved through the design and implementation of robust, comprehensive and sustained HIV/AIDS prevention programmes that address clearly identified interventions and gaps to support the national prevention efforts.

The National Plan for scaling up HIV/AIDS prevention was launched by the Government of Botswana with the endorsement and support of other partners. This achievement of consensus on priority interventions that will guide a renewed focus on HIV/AIDS prevention marks a significant milestone in terms of mobilizing relevant players in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Botswana. Part of the groundwork for the operationalization of the prevention plan y took place in 2008 with financial and technical support from ACHAP.

This included the initiation of the development of the strategy addressing multiple concurrent sexual partnerships and the development of a programme for introduction of safe male circumcision as an added HIV/AIDS prevention intervention, both of which are currently implemented. These developments mark a major milestone in Botswana’s efforts to scale up HIV/AIDS prevention which began with the national prevention conference of 2005, as the recommendations of this conference are now being brought to fruition.

ACHAP has continued to support interventions that respond to the needs of country as part of the national HIV/AIDS prevention response. Some of the programmes supported are:

Free Condom Distribution

Following research undertaken by ACHAP, the University of Botswana, and Population Services International (PSI), on the usage, beliefs and attitudes of men and women on condom use, a program was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Health to scale up the promotion and distribution of free condoms throughout the country... full story

Development of a National Condom Management Strategy

Working together with the Ministries of Health, Local Government and other partners, ACHAP provided financial and technical support for the development of a comprehensive strategic framework for condom management through a consultative process led by Population Services International/Botswana (PSI/Botswana)... full story

Condom education and promotion

An innovative strategy to increase condom availability, accessibility and condom promotion was the establishment of a network of hair salons as sites for socially marketing female and male condoms. Female condom use has lagged behind male condom usage in the country... full story

Sexually transmitted Infections

The Southern African region is undoubtedly the epicentre of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Epidemiological and biological evidence strongly suggest that conventional STIs increase the risk of individuals transmitting and acquiring HIV/AIDS... full story

Blood Safety and Youth HIV/AIDS Prevention Programmes

Youth in Botswana are one of the most important groups for targeted HIV/AIDS prevention interventions because they remain at high risk of getting infected with HIV/AIDS... full story

Prevention of Behaviour change

Prevention of Behaviour change communication remains an important and strategic input into the process of reducing the number of new HIV infections globally. The focus of BCC interventions has been the development of the necessary strategies and capacities to enable fully fledged programme implementation in subsequent years to address major gaps in this area in the country. The strategies developed are presented below... full story

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