TB/HIV Co-treatment

To strengthen the National TB Programme in order to improve access to and utilization of integrated HIV and TB services on a national scale by 2014

TB and HIV are global emergencies whose deadly interaction affect millions and threaten global public health. HIV infection is a leading risk factor for TB through promoting the progression of latent and recent infections of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) into active disease. It also increases the rate of recurrence of TB. Botswana has one of the severe most TB epidemics globally with between 60% - 86% of TB patients being co-infected with HIV; a significant concern is the increase in MDR- TB in a population, which is already highly susceptible due to HIV/AIDS. The current effort by ACHAP focuses on strengthening provision of integrated services through support for TB/HIV policy and strategy development and implementation, as well as advocacy and communication to raise the profile of and the performance and impact of TB and HIV services.