The Consultancy Unit

The Consultancy Unit
The Consultancy Unit was conceptualised in mid-2014 as part of ACHAP’s strategic transition into ‘phase 3’. This phase marked a fundamental change in the organisation’s fourteen year history which was synonymous with the provision of resources, largely financial, to government and local civil society groups. The previous phases hence cemented the image of ACHAP as a donor organisation focused on HIV prevention. 
The past two decades has seen remarkable changes in Botswana’s economy, growing from low to upper-middle income country status, which has directly impacted the flow of global resources for health financing. ACHAP has hence adopted a multitude of responses to adapt to these changes which includes a more business-like approach to financing its programme interventions.  The Consultancy Unit hence functions as an internal revenue generating source utilising ACHAP’s rich internal intellectual capital as a mechanism to access resources. In so doing the unit provides the organisation the latitude to generate a stream of unrestricted fund which is detached from direct donor obligations. The unit utilizes this internal intellect, in tandem with specialised external skills from a host of local and international partners including academics, development practitioners and medical professionals. Through teaming arrangements the unit promotes cross-fertilization of ideas and information-sharing that accurately address the needs of governments, parastatals, non-governmental organisations and civil society. 
A fundamental aim of the Consultancy Unit is to extend the years of experience that ACHAP has amassed in supporting the HIV & AIDS response in Botswana into a broader development space within and beyond the borders of Botswana. This will enable ACHAP to provide technical assistance across a host of social, development, health and education areas that go far beyond the HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis domains the organization was traditionally associated with.
In less than six months the Consulting Unit has won two significant national projects requiring both longitudinal and sector-specific analysis. These projects are described in detail at the links below.
1. The Vision Council, an entity charged with mapping Botswana’s development vision over the past twenty years for the period 1996 to 2016. The council received its mandate following extensive consultations with a wide cross section of society conducted by a Presidential Task Force. The vision descriptions the nation’s aspiration for what it will have achieved upon 50 years of independence.   [See more].
2. The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), an independent statutory body with executive responsibility for national human resource development, responsible for advising the Minister of Education and Skills Development on all human resource development policy issues that includes planning, funding, monitoring, evaluation and regulation of tertiary education and workplace learning. [See more].