Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

AIDS discriminates against the poor – those without the information or the power to protect themselves. More women are now infected with HIV/AIDS than men, and millions of mothers have passed HIV/AIDS to their children. This devastating disease has affected nearly every family in Botswana.

Yet, there is hope in Botswana and around the world.From leaders in the developing and developed world, to private companies and public citizens, our attention is, more than ever, focused on HIV/AIDS. Our priority must now be to harness this new attention and dramatically increase resources. Everyone has a role to play in the fight against AIDS.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is proud to be a founding partner in ACHAP. Through innovative partnerships like ACHAP, we demonstrate the importance of comprehensive approaches to improving the care of people living with HIV/AIDS and reinforce the value of combining public and private sector resources.

Stopping the transmission of HIV/AIDS is the number one global health priority of the Bill & Melinda Gates. We believe that the experiences and successes in Botswana will not only demonstrate that we can turn the tide of the disease , but will not only demonstrate that we can turn the tide of this disease, but will hasten our ability to build similar initiatives across the developing world.

HIV/AIDS is a global threat and a global responsibility.