Kapeng shares his Circumcision Journey

Friday, 28 April, 2017 - 12:00

Tumelo Kapeng a 16 year old Form 1 student from Dithejwane Junior Secondary School bred in Mmaothate Village in Kweneng West shared his journey to making the decision to circumcise. The story is told from the day he first learnt about circumcision to the day the procedure was performed.

 Kapeng, says, “I never paid much attention to Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision messages as I thought it had nothing to do with me but was for older men only. I wasn’t really skeptical or against it but I just never saw myself as a candidate and therefore did not pay attention to the messages or even bothered to know what it is all about. I really did not see its significance to my health” he added.

The teenager stated that on the 6th of April he had the privilege of meeting a team from the ACHAP SMC outreach that visited his school for demand creation in preparation for the school campaign initiative that was to commence the following week. “The service providers offered us first-hand information on circumcision; detailing what it is, how the procedure is done, how to care for the wound after the procedure and the benefits of safe circumcision”. Kapeng said. He declares that upon learning and hearing about the benefits of circumcision, he realized the importance of circumcision and made up his mind that he will do the procedure. “. A friend who I never thought would consider circumcising also inspired me after I told me he was fine after doing it.  From there I was hooked to do the procedure. I also decided to circumcise because I wanted prevention from contracting diseases. From that initial encounter with the ACHAP team I knew I wanted to circumcise so I told my parents about my desire to circumcise and they gave me their blessing and supported my decision”, he shared.

Kapeng exuded a positive attitude through all the stages until the procedure was performed. When asked whether he was ready for the procedure, his response was, “I am prepared and more than ready to go through it all, I have counselled myself and I’m going ahead with it. I am happy I finally did it, yes there was a bit of pain especially during application of the anesthesia but that’s it” Kapeng confidently stated.