Gaborone Rotary Club urged to encourage circumcision

Saturday, 15 October, 2016 - 17:00

Speaking at the Rotary club meeting that is held every Friday at 12:30 at Avani Hotel recently Dr. Jerome Mafeni said, Botswana has culturally been a circumcising nation but the way the community is currently responding towards Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC) is worrisome.   He informed the gathering that though studies have proven that circumcising communities have less HIV prevalence than non-circumcising, men continue dragging their feet to uptake the service because of myths and negative perceptions.

Mafeni who is also a member of the club shared the facts on circumcision and it’s benefits for both men and women. He emphasized the importance of encouraging and supporting spouses to undergo the procedure in order to achieve the common goal of preventing HIV/AIDS. “People think that only men benefit but even women also benefit because through circumcision they will be protected from contracting HPV which causes cervical cancer” Mafeni said.

The Rotary Club which is made up of 44 members is dedicated towards giving back to communities and helping those less privileged. Rotary Club member meet to discuss pertinent issues that are affect various communities and find ways help to eradicate such issues. They provide their services through funds from corporate sponsors and fund raising events. The Rotary Club motto is “providing service to others above self.”