Mr. Ivor Williams

Consultancy Unit Manager

Mr. Williams has over 20 years experience in health programming, socio-economics and research. His work cuts across the commercial private sector that includes community based research and private sector consulting for government, the United Nations, EU supported projects and non-governmental organisations.  Williams commenced his career in 1993 that led to the development of Botswana’s first social marketing programme (BSMP). The BSMP under his guidance gave birth to several long standing preventative health programmes which resulted in the creation of health commodities and services specifically designed to resonate with the Botswana market. These products and services include Voluntary Counselling and Testing services, the promotion of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission programmes, and generic HIV prevention programmes for youth. A major aim behind all his health programming has been to achieve a reduced dependency of these programmes on external funding and improved cost recovery.

He has experience and exposure from the east and southern Africa region. He has both consulting and programme work experience from Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia where he spent five consecutive years as a private consultant. Williams now heads ACHAPs newly founded Consultancy Unit. The unit was created with a vision to be an internal revenue generating engine that uses, among others, ACHAPs rich internal intellectual capital base as an income generating source.

Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics) from the University of Botswana (1995) and the Masters Degree of MBA (Health, Population & Nutrition) in developing countries from the Centre for Health, Planning and Management; Staffordshire, England (2006).