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Jam Sessions-Francistown Demand Creation Events

The JAM sessions held in the Francistown Operation Area have not only been a success but they have also made men to appreciate and go for circumcision in large numbers. These JAM sessions came about as SMC Demand Creation Approach and were implemented from 7th July 2012 and continued until 11th August 2012. At these events, the targeted audience was all male children of the age range 13-19 years. The purpose of the JAM sessions was to educate at the same time entertain the crowd with the aim of making men take the right decisions.


Palapye/Serowe’s successful SMC school campaign

The main objective of the school campaign was to reach out to all the schools in Palapye/Serowe area, both primary and secondary, to sensitize, test and circumcise all male students. For this to be possible, the team made use of the;


Smart Men Youth CAMP in Gamodubu

Supported by ACHAP, the Smart Men Youth Camp held in Gamodubu, a village situated along Molepolole road and about 30km from Gaborone during the President’s holidays was a success. The camp brought together a group of youth who pledged to go through not only safe male circumcision (SMC), but to be taught about Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, changes in sexual behavior, among other health issues. The Camp targets in-school youth during school holidays as a way of ensuring that the largest possible number of these young men could be reached without hindering their school program.


SMC Football Tournament

The tournament started on the 6th of April in Molepolole. The main objective of this tournament was to celebrate the circumcisions done by the seven teams participating in the tournament. In the tournament proposal, the organisers had proposed that each of the seven teams would have to circumcise all its players. Each player was to bring three friends for circumcision. Each team was also to bring forty supporters to be circumcised before the tournament.



Lobatse SMC Campaign

The Lobatse DHMT embarked on an 11 day Safe Male Circumcision campaign activities. These included the soccer tournament involving 12 teams as well as a school campaign where 5 schools and 1 tertiary institution were targeted. Prior to the demand creation activities, the district also embarked on sensitizing the health care workers. The district succeeded in circumcising 200 HIV negative men out of the set target of 250, achieving an 80% performance.

Activities, Accomplishments and Delivarables

Demand Creation


TB/HIV Case Management Training For Health Care Workers

The TB/HIV Case Management Training for Health Care Workers was held on the 26th to the 30th of March in Tutume. The workshop aimed at capacitating health care workers on TB case management in order to manage TB/HIV patients according to new guidelines, and also to enhance implementation of TB/HIV collaborative activities as well as active TB case finding and infection control issues.

The objectives of this training included equipping health care workers with knowledge and skills so that they are able to;


Launch of the Francistown SMC Move Site

As part of the Government National HIV/AIDS Prevention efforts to Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) Models for Optimizing Volumes and Efficiencies (MOVE) sites were last Saturday, 26 May 2012 launched in Francistown. The SMC Move Model optimizes the use of staff, facility space effective demand creation to scale up SMC. The dedicated MOVE SMC sites that were launched include the Area W clinic which also services clients from Natale, Borolong and Chadibe; and the Ntshe clinic within Monarch. Both sites are easily accessible to clients requiring SMC information and services.


Community Mobilization Achievers

It is possible to get men to demand circumcision and actually circumcise. Namane Ya Moroba a Youth theatre group in Thamaga was subcontracted for a period of 3 months and they committed to a target of effectively referring 432 men to Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) sites. At the end of period, Namane Ya Moroba had referred 571 men to SMC sites and of these 446 were actually circumcised, reaching 96.8% of their set target.


SMC Nurses Induction

On the 23rd May 2012, Achap held an induction programme for its newly employed SMC Staff. The objective of the programme was to introduce the new employees into the organization and to familiarize them with the culture, accepted practices and performance standards of the organization. The importance of this programme is to help individual employees to grow within Achap and to motivate them.


District TB/HIV Coordinating Committees

Botswana TB/HIV Policy Guidelines advocated for strengthening the collaboration between the TB and HIV programmes and integrating services of the same.
The primary activity towards achieving this collaboration is forming the TB/HIV Coordinating Committees both at national and district levels.