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As a principal recipient of the Global Fund in the implementation of HIV/TB grants, ACHAP is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the delivery of all project activities and disbursement of all inventories or requests needed for the execution of daily activities by sub recipients (SR).


French MPs visit Nkoyaphiri Clinic

A visiting French delegation made up of three Members of Parliament, Director of the National Assembly, the Ambassador of France to Botswana, Her Excellency Anne de la Blache, visited ACHAP’s VMMC site at Nkoyaphiri clinic on the 12th of May 2016.


Our traditional healers are our opinion leaders

It is not easy for many to acknowledge the work that traditional healers do nor share their experience with traditional healers but with ACHAP we will share our consultations. ACHAP took time to interact with various traditional healers as a way of involving them in efforts to scale up Safe Male circumcision and appreciate their work. Traditional healers are very caring people and extraordinarily skilled in psychotherapy and counselling. Traditional healers are enshrined in the minds of the people and respected in their communities and they are often opinion leaders.


Communities leaders encouraged to Support SMC

Even though research has proved that male circumcision is effective in the fight against HIV/AIDS, there is still low uptake SMC services. Speaking at an SMC breakfast meeting at Molepolole recently, The National SMC Regional Coordinator for Southern District, Ms. Motseotsile Mokoke pointed that out of a target of 385 000 circumcisions that were expected to be performed, only 164 324 have been achieved so far.


ACHAP and Limkokwing University Partnership promising

ACHAP is currently working on recruiting students at tertiary level to lead in demand creation in their respective universities. This strategy is one of ACHAP’s endeavours in promoting Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) services through partnering with other stakeholders who are indirectly involved in the Safe Male Circumcision campaign. ACHAP initiated the idea of partnering with institutions of higher learning since most key target group for VMMC/SMC services (15-29 years) make up the population in tertiary institutions.


ACHAP participates at Miss UB 2016

This past Friday 26th February 2016 ACHAP participated at the Miss University of Botswana 2016 beauty pageant at UB Amphitheater. This year’s pageant attracted different programs and stakeholders who were offered opportunities to promote their products and services to the audience that attended the event.


Mobilisers encouraged to remain focused


VMMC mobilisers have been encouraged to liken their character to that of an eagle in order to stay relevant and keep winning people’s hearts to undergo circumcision.

Speaking at a workshop to boost confidence and give support to mobilisers on the challenges they face when mobilizing in Gaborone on the 3rd of February 2016, the Marketing, Advocacy and Communications Manager at ACHAP, Mr. Joshua Ntsuke said the mobilisers need to emulate eagles as that will be help them remain focused and reach their goals.


ACHAP Preaches SMC

A counsellor from ACHAP, Ms Iponeng Tiro has implored Metsimotlhabe residents to encourage their children to go for Safe Male Circumcision (SMC).

Speaking in a kgotla meeting last week, she said it was imperative that children, youth and older men go for SMC as it has been proven by health practitioners to be beneficial.


Play your part in the war!

What role are you playing as an individual against eradicating the spread of new HIV infections? Have you made any contribution towards the spread of the virus? If not, the time is now! Play your part. Governments and partners have done a lot by implementing various HIV prevention strategies.  It is up to you to utilize the services on offer to reduce HIV incidence and prevalence rates. Why choose ignorance while there is knowledge? Our inaction is denying us an opportunity to win the battle against HIV/AIDS.


Prepex making the difference

Thapelo Mokakangwe had always wanted to undergo voluntary medical male circumcision but he had his own fears about it, what held him back the most was hearing all sorts of things about circumcision, from the pain you have during and after to not having sexual intercourse for a while due to unbearable pain.

A man who looks younger than his age of 28 years and lives in Tlokweng, opted to circumcise after his close friend told him about PrePex.