Global Fund (Sub-Recipient) Expression of Interest


Statement of Purpose:

The Global Fund, an international financing mechanism, channels financial resources to help countries reduce the impact of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria by facilitating the implementation of strong and sustainable programs through in-country partners. The Fund relies heavily on Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and Principal Recipient (PRs) and local partners (UN, WHO, PEPFAR etc.) to ensure resources are efficiently used to help those most in need. The Global Fund has approved just over $23.5m for Botswana a country with a high burden of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. The fund called for a concept note for TB and HIV that presents each specific program in addition to any integrated and joint programming for the two diseases with the intention to maximize the impact of its investments to make an even greater contribution towards the vision of a world free of the burden of TB and HIV.

The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP) is the nominated private sector PR (Principal Recipient) for the Global Fund project in Botswana. As the PR, under the umbrella of the Botswana Country Coordinating Mechanism, ACHAP will be responsible for the overall implementation of the assigned activities as well as programmatic management, financial management, monitoring and reporting. To this extent ACHAP will select, induct, manage and supervise sub-recipients (SRs) for the implementation of the grant. ACHAP will provide support in the development of the operational plans, mentoring, supervision and M&E (monitoring & evaluation). ACHAP will administer the grant as well as implement some specific activities under the grant. 

To this end, ACHAP invites eligible organizations to submit applications to oversee the implementation of one or more modules in their areas of skill and capacity.


Established in 2000 as a Public Private Development Partnership, ACHAP has been instrumental in supporting the Government of Botswana in planning and implementing the National HIV/AIDS response. ACHAP is now an NGO with funding to date of over $150 million since its inception. ACHAP took a leading role in scaling-up and transitioning the national HIV treatment programme, and more recently in leading HIV prevention efforts in Botswana. Initially developed as a time limited project, ACHAP has adopted a new business model and expanded services from HIV/AIDS and TB to the broader spectrum of population health, expanded service offerings to include consultancies and customised training.


The modules funded and approved for implementation are shown below. Organisations can apply for more than one module. Applicants must submit a separate proposal, budget and summary sheet for each module if applying for more than one module.

Community TB Care and Prevention

Objective: To contribute to the reduction of TB morbidity and mortality.

Removing Legal Barriers

Objective: To increase access to services for key and vulnerable populations.

Community Systems Strengthening

Objective: To increase the capacity to deliver community TB/HIV/RNMCH services that will increase access and coverage that will lead to the required national impact.

Prevention Programs for Sex Workers & their Clients

Objective: To contribute to the reduction of TB/HIV prevalence and incidence among sex workers, and increase access of services to sex workers and their clients.

Prevention Programs for Men having Sex with Men & Transgender

Objective: To contribute to the reduction of TB/HIV prevalence & incidence among MSMs and TGs and increase access of services by MSM and Transgender groups.

Prevention Programs for Adolescents & Youth

Objective: To contribute to the reduction of new HIV infections.

ACHAP will provide the necessary oversight support to ensure that resources are efficiently and effectively used to achieve program targets while putting measures in place to reduce risks in the use of Global Fund (GF) resources.


Any organisation that wishes to apply should have existing capacity and meet the following conditions:

  • Registration with the Botswana Registrar of Societies/Companies. There should be a constitution and traceable contact address.
  • The organization shall have reasonably good experiences in managing HIV and or TB programmes in country.
  • Demonstrated financial management capacity.
  • Program management capacity and arrangements that include:
    • Effective organizational leadership, management, transparent decision making and accountability systems;
    • Adequate infrastructure and information systems to support proposal implementation, including the monitoring of performance in a timely and accountable manner.
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity