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Learnings from Botswana

Learnings from Botswana: the Merck/Gates/Botswana Partnership for HIV/AIDS

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Challenge of mobilization

The challenge of mobilizing Botswana's private sector: case study of ACHAP's experience forging partnerships with mining, transport, construction and hospitality sector companies through a...

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Progress of ACHAP

Progress of the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP) Donald F de Korte, MD & A.B. Khan, MD, MPH.

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ARV Programme in Botswana

A community based model for the implementation of the antiretroviral therapy programme in Botswana.

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Rapid Site launch preparation

Rapid Site launch preparation and sequence for scale up of nationwide provision of ARV therapy in Botswana.

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Scaling up ARV therapy

Scaling up ARV therapy in resource limited settings: Botswana case study.

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Pros and cons of a phased ARV scale up in Botswana

Pros and cons of a phased ARV scale up in Botswana

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National training program

Establishment of a national training program to enhance the quality of HIV/AIDS care and treatment in Botswana.

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Antiretroviral therapy rollout in Botswana

The preceptorship training programme for antiretroviral therapy rollout in Botswana.

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Lessons learned from Botswana

HIV/AIDS and ARV therapy: the importance of developing culturally-appropriate educational tools and delivery mechanisms. Lessons learned from Botswana.

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