The Auction

The Auction

A chatter here, a clatter here and there a rustle. Outside the wind blow ever so slightly. In the distant the sound of a truck. Tempers rising, temperatures falling. “This should have started much earlier” as the silence is broken. The sound of the truck gets louder. Then the truck is visible. Behind the truck a van with ACHAP branding. Out of the van comes two ladies and a gentleman. “Finally, they are here” a voice from inside the warehouse with obvious relief.

Soon enough the auction got under way. As the auctioneers went on with their job the chatter increased and so did the clatter and the rustle. We all moved to next room. This one jam packed with chairs, tables and what I had really gone to the auction for, camping equipment! “These ones are not for sale”. She announced. My heart sank. These are beautiful items and I needed some for my masimo.  What is the point of having an auction sale and not auction the things that I need. I should not have come. My thoughts are broken by her voice again. “Remember, guys the SMC project is starting” shaken from my reverie I had to agree with her. Yet, my thoughts still wonder to all the fun I would have with some of the things I wanted to buy.

Back to reality. SMC (Safe Male Circumcision) and some would call it VMMC (Voluntary Medical male Circumcision) common to both is MC. Botswana is using SMC emphasizing that it has to be safe. Safe implies it has to be done in a sanitary environment and by qualified personnel. Safe means that there has to be post operation review and care. Still, why not sell the items that I needed to buy, I ask. “Because”, slow to answer and quick to annoy me, “ACHAP will be spearheading another SMC project so we need these things for the teams”. Now she has my full attention. With a jolt I am back from that place I needed the stuff for! The chatter, the clatter and the rustle are louder and more present. The reality is, exhilarating yet sobering.  ACHAP is going full steam into a new project. Not that it is new since ACHAP has been doing this for some time now. Being there, done that.

There we are folks. New project, new challenges, new opportunities for a good story. This is me announcing the start of a new ACHAP project. And this is me inviting you to be part of that excitement. This post will be tracking the project to present you with juicy stories of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things as they come face to face with the reality of SMC. Our teams are in Gaborone, Molepolole and Mahalapye. Follow us on a weekly basis, comment and share your stories. It begins here.

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